Michel R. Benoit '74

Per WPI Journal: "The day after graduation I started work as a process engineer at Pfizer Inc. in the chemicals division in Groton, Conn. After five years I moved to the minerals division in northwestern Connecticut, where I managed a lime and limestone operation. After three years there, serendipity intervened, leading me to take a job with a start up company in the environmental business. I was tasked with developing and implementing technologies to recycle energy-bearing wastes as alternative fuels in industrial furnaces. That company became very successful and a key player in a new industry. In 1996 I left the company to run the industry's trade association, which was based in Washington, D.C. I continue in my position as executive director and am now based at my home office in Madison, N.H." Mike and his wife, Celeste, have rescued and restored a historic 1825 farm in Rice City, R.I. "I also co-invented two patented technologies that enable solid hazardous waste and whole scrap tires to be beneficially used as alternative fuels in cement kilns."